• Flavorings for food and drinks

    Flavorings for food and drinks

  • Pigments for food and drinks

    Pigments for food and drinks

  • Essential oils & extracts

    Essential oils & extracts

  • Rosemary extract

    Rosemary extract

Staromco - Who we are

Raw material for food industries, beverages and cosmetics.
Over the years our company have partnershiped with large international firms, producers of raw materials, gaining that way knowledge and valuable experience, which are essential tools for this highly competitive field in which we operate.Who we are...

Flavorings for food and drinks

Flavours for food and beverage

Pigments for food and drinks

Colours for food and beverage

Rosemary extracts

Rosemary extract

Food stabilizers

Food stabilizers

Herbal extracts

Natural extracts-Oleoresins

Essential oils

Εssential Oils

Agar Agar Ε406

Agar Agar E406


3 Thiatiron street, Nea Smirni Attica, 17121, Greece
Registration Number: 005986801000
Tel.: +30.210 524 5855
Fax: +30.210 522 9571
Email: info@staromco.gr

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Our Values

  • Endeavour in innovative ideas and products
  • Products quality
  • Direct customer care
  • Technical support
  • National-wide partners network and representatives
  • Competitive prices

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